Today's Social Media and Your Business




This is the very first thing you need to develop if you are serious about your business - You need a logo- better yet - you need a great logo you can brand everywhere- Your branding is the face of your company. I can help you design your great logo- Let's start there.

Pricing - Package 1
You want to get your website a organic online presence-


• $500 a month 

2 updates a week on 3 major platforms-

1 email campaign a week

2 site reviews on Yelp and Google

Submit site map to Google and Bling .

1 blog update a week

All graphics are created by me to meet online standards. This plan will get your website indexed on all major search engines. Let's start there.


Needed to have a online presence and hired me to help them get their business on the map- We have been pushing updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- 2 times a week and pushing out email campaigns with Mail Chimp. Redesiged the website to a more modern deign loaded and coded especially for high placement with any search engine - In today's world you need to been seen online- it really is the modern phonebook - it is what people use to find you.



Social Media is not going any where. I have been in the field of since 1998.  You have a can't just advertise in the yellow pages anymore- You need an online presence. This means FB, Twitter, IG, Youtube- You have a blog? Are you posting every day? Do you have cross links to your website? You have yelp reviews?  in today's world of algorithms and Google ads..if your business is going to go need a social media coordinator - and no there is no way to just jump to top of Google - unless you pay...sorry,  -if I am the first to tell you the truth-  but organic SEO results is a process and will take up to year to be established on any website- - good news is once are established your website the right way- 

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