Online Consultant

Does your website lack an online presence? I have been.doing online consulting since 1998- Years of real pragmatic solutions to ever changing 




My name is Lorenzo Belmonte- Grew up in in Santa Monica in the 1980"s  I was a originally graphic artist then web designer and finally photographer. 

Eye for design, so I believe my photos and graphic design reflect my artist style. Photography isolates the fundamental artistic ability to see the extraordinary. It is through arrangements of light, angle, lens and a split second decision to capture the moment that make photographs an extremely personal expression.

Started working as a product photographer in 1998- Hand coding websites and creating online graphics

3rd party connections


How social is your website? - If you are to have an online presence you need to update regularly- Is your website on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube? You should be posting at least 2 updates a week on all these platforms - Do you have a blog on your website? Blogs are one of the best SEO options today. Another very important thing is getting reviews on 3rd party website like Google and Yelp....If you need help with getting your website a real online presence then I would recommend hiring a online consultant. Contact me if you are interested in a quote for your website.


Mad Hatter

In today's working world- One must wear many hats- From Photography to web design - I always go above and beyond ~ No one is going to to just give it to you- You have to make it happen~ Being a honest person- this is my motto I live bye~